Charlie Stanton's Blog

My name is Charlie, although I often go by the handle "shtanton". My interests include programming, cooking, and puzzles, although the first is the only one I'm any good at. I enjoy chatting to other people about these things too, if you do too, feel free to reach out. My email is my handle at shtanton dot xyz.

This website is written by hand in HTML, uses minimal CSS and no JS. It is available over both HTTP and HTTPS. It is currently hosted from a Raspberry Pi 3B+.


Currently the only project of any scale that I particularly want to showcase is stred, which is still very much in development. The idea is to be like sed but for file formats that use tree structures i.e. JSON. I'm still making changes to the design, but once I have something that I'm please with I will write a blog post announcing it properly. In the meantime, there is some (likely outdated) documentation in the repo.

Git Repos

I host all of my git repos here using stagit.